Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage goes beyond just burning items. Ash and smoke can continue causing damage and corrosion to materials in your home or business if they are left behind. In addition, odors from the smoke will linger in a room or home long after the fire, and can continue to cause problems if not handled quickly.

Smoke causes walls, ceilings, and other surfaces to become yellow and discolored. It also causes etching in glass after just a short amount of time, and tarnishes metal.

Hiring the Right Service

Quickly hiring a reputable fire restoration service will help you determine the extent of the fire damage and evaluate areas that are water damaged.

Before the remediating team comes in, it’s important to collect any immediate items you will need for the next week or so. This includes clothing, prescription drugs, toys, school books and anything for business needs.

Restoration work may keep you out of your home for an extended period of time. If your home or business is not completely totaled by the fire, you and your loved ones may be displaced for a bit while the respiration team does it’s work. Oftentimes, the structural damage done inside the home is not noticeable on the outside, but it can still threaten the safety of everyone inside.

What They Do

The restoration team will perform structural restoration as well. They will remove any charred contents that are sealing in smoke damage, including insulation or burned wood. They will evaluate the carpets and floor coverings for damage, and inspect the framing of the house and sub-floors for safety.

After tackling the structural damage, the next step is handling the aforementioned fire smells. They treat affected surfaces for smoke odors, and seal any places that would allow the odors to seep back into the house. The company will clean and eliminate these odors by deodorizing surfaces to pre-loss condition.

They also do their best to help you return any items to their original location within your home or business to get you back on the road to a normal life.

Don’t Attempt to Handle On Your Own

Some people may attempt to clean up the damage caused by fire on their own. That isn’t the best idea. The residue left by a fire is a bio-hazard and can cause severe health problems if it is not taken care of correctly and thoroughly.

You can even cause more damage to your home or business by improperly handling the damage. You can rest assured that the experts with the right tools and training will certainly get the job done.

Fires are a devastating event. Even though it’s not always the case, sometimes your home or business can be salvaged. Whether you plan on still living in your home or selling it, there are professionals that can help you handle the damage and make your place livable again.